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Bloom's Hotel
Unplanned things happened 
2nd-Oct-2008 12:54 pm
After that things that wasn't planned from the beginning has made that things had to be changed. The ownership of both this community and the Yahoo group has been left to Faline.

I can't at the writing moment not guarantee what will happen or how things will continue. That's up to Faline. For me I will not post anything more here. So the stories that is posted here will be left here until I have change and rewritten a lot of them. Though I just want to let you know that any of the stories is just for reading here and not even printed for personal use. Is there anything you have to say please leave comments as I will receive them when I'm still is a member.

It have been a nice time and it make it hard to need to say goodbye.

2nd-Oct-2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
I can understand how you're feeling. I haven't written ANYTHING worthwhile in a really long time. I think sometimes we just need to take a break and let life soak in (or let demons out) and then one day (soon I hope) we just feel ready to start again.

Take care of yourself. You know we love you and are thinking about you.
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