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Bloom's Hotel


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Welcome to the Bloom's Hotel LiveJournal! Bloom's Hotel is a story arch that puts all of the characters Orlando Bloom has portrayed into one place (the Hotel) where much craziness ensues. Along with the Boyz (the Characters) there are women who are drawn to the Hotel. Most of them work and keep the Hotel going while some just come because they have no reason not to.

This LJ is to share good news, problems, or just plain ole' chatting that has to do with Bloom's Hotel to do. If you're looking for someplace to find updates on the Hotel, please go check out our Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloomshotel_update. Just join the group and you'll get an e-mail whenever something cool happens.

Our website is currently off-line. We may or may not be bringing it back. Keep up here to find out! This is where we'll put the updates on that situation.