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Bloom's Hotel
Fic The New Job Prolouge 
15th-Jun-2008 07:41 am
This community isn't dead, as long that I can post stories.... This is the second story of the Bloom's Hotel Universe and I do write on it and start getting the chapters betad. So here is the first of the story. I do hope to be able to post again soon (in a month or so).

By: Saga Chriztine
For: Bloom’s Hotel
Story number: 2
Characters: All the Boyz, Sunniva and a few townspeople and the arrival of a few girls
Summary: You learn more of the Hotel’s specialities and some of the Keeper’s part.
Beta: Annie
Feedback is always welcome
A/N: Please remember that this takes place in December 2004 and January 2005, so there aren’t any other girls than Sunniva at the Hotel until I mention their arrivals. If any other females are mentioned, they come from the town of Donbury and are made up by me.

Please do not print this, not even for private use.

Special note for the prologue: If you read the first story, Bloom’s Hotel, you can jump over the prologue, since it is only a synopsis.


After having been out of work for some months, Sunniva Nilsson received a job offer at Bloom’s Hotel. She was asked for an interview there, so over a few days in December 2004 she traveled to this place to meet one of its representatives and to be introduced to the place, its surroundings and its residents.

The place is magical and not like anything she had ever seen before. What really took her by surprise was that the residents are all guys she first thought were only characters in films that she would never meet in the flesh. All of them different, but still the same since every one of them was breathed to life by one and the same actor. One could, in a sense, say they were brothers, having been created by Orlando Bloom’s interpretation of them.

Sunniva was chosen out of a few suitable people and asked to become the place’s manager and Keeper. Harboring some doubts and with a little hesitance, she did feel at the same time drawn there. Understanding it would be one of the biggest challenges she ever would ever face and understanding that it required a large commitment from her, she has accepted the job offer at Bloom’s Hotel.

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